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cacao ceremony

Come and experience a Cacao Ceremony. A time to engage with sacred plant energy, where you will be given the opportunity to connect more deeply to yourself through reflection, meditation, and intention setting.  

In Mesoamerican cultures, historically, a Cacao Ceremony involved consuming cacao as part of a sacred ritual. Over the millenia of Mayan culture, sacred cacao has grown into a central part of daily life. It still remains a part of celebrations around birth, marriage and other major life events.

 This ceremony is a chance for you to experience a connection to the past and set intentions for the future.  The ceremonial cacao, rare Hawaiian Cacao, sustainably grown and prayerfully made on the sacred mountain of     Mauna Kea in Hawaii. 

The cacao is tempered from cacao paste made from the whole cacao bean. This cacao is typically 50% cacao butter, not found in cacao powder, and enables greater absorption of the cacao's nutrients and antioxidants.  Cacao is considered a super food, due to the nutrients and theobromine. Unlike coffee that impacts the nervous system, cacao delicately influences blood flow and the heart, leading to the reputation of cacao being a "heart opener".  


10% of all ceremony proceeds are returned to the farm and support for indigenous teachings.  

To have a beautiful sacred Cacao Ceremony, contact me to schedule a private or group session.

One on One session $100

Group session $80 each

*These sessions include Cacao, Handmade ceremonial cup and whisk.

Sound Bath, Reiki, and even minimal massage (in-person only) unless requested otherwise. 

If session is over Zoom, cup, whisk, and cacao will be mailed to you prior to your scheduled session.

A release form will be provided for your signature prior to the ceremony.

Thank you to my teacher, Marita, One Who Catches Lightening, hereditary cacao protector,

our ancestors, and those who have come before us.  

To learn more about the teachings of The Path Of Ix, and Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training click on these links.

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